Project Management
Work-packages Boards (WPB1 - WPB5)

The project consists of five major work packages (WP). For each work package, a WP leader has been appointed in order to ensure the successful deployment of resources and realisation of the WP plans. Each of the Work-packages Boards includes the WP leader and the leaders of tasks belonging to the relevant work package.

Functions of the Work-packages Boards are to organize and supervise the implementation of the tasks.

Work-packages Leaders responsibilities

  • Establishing a proper communication flow between the task teams and the project coordinator
  • Ensuring the execution of the work plan of the respective WP
  • Supervising the tasks leaders of the respective WP
  • Assisting other WP leaders
  • Settlement of all costs/invoices incurred during the execution of their individual WP
  • Financial monitoring regarding the budget envisaged in the respective WP
  • Preparation of a financial overview for the coordinator
  • Preparation of progress reports for the project coordinator

Task Leaders responsibilities

  • Ensuring communication with the WP leader and involved participants
  • Assisting the WP leader in order to ensure the full coverage of the respective taskŠ°
  • Preparation of internal progress reports on a respective task for the WP leader on a regular basis and at other times if and when required